What price a girl's life?

Here is one more in the line of shameful murders of innocent women-Swati in Chennai.
Nirbhaya in Delhi,Jissa in Kerala and now one more girl in Chennai.

When is this going to end?

The Chennai girl's murder sent a shiver down my spine.And mind you,she was not out at night nor was she wearing anything supposedly offensive to the male eye.
She was murdered in broad daylight in Nungambakkam Railway Station,one of the busiest metro stations in Chennai,probably when she was on her way to work.

A budding life wiped out in a gruesome fashion.

What did she do to deserve this cruel fate?. My heart goes out to the parents of the girl.
Her only mistake is that she got educated and got herself a job with one of the prominent IT companies and was leading an almost normal life.Is this reason enough to be murdered?

A jilted lover,personal enmity..whatever..it does not justify the murder of a hapless girl in any way.
I think of the guy who killed her.Did his mother not teach him the value of a human life? And what sort of a guy is he,who can show his brutality to a helpless girl.How can a person have so much hatred towards another human,so much so that he wants to take away her life?. Senseless!

More worrisome is the attitude of passersby.Reports indicate that most people just passed by as the girl lay in a pool of blood,battling for life.

The hue and cry that was raised when Nirbhaya got murdered is missing now.
Where is the so-called national media?. The TV crew who cover all irrelevant news 24*7,do not seem to be particularly interested in this. It is left to individuals on social media to protest about this.

Some heartless comments on social media have gone to the extent of mentioning her caste.How low can people go more than this? Her belonging to a particular region of India or a particular caste does not take away the gravity of the situation.Shame on all those men who posted nasty comments about the girl.To hell with them!.I hope any one of those nasty guys reading this post will realise that he too has sisters,mothers,wife and daughters in his home and that someday they too can be subjected to inhuman treatment.

High time we wake up and raise our voice against such atrocities against women.

I am saddened that this happened in Chennai,a place where I grew up.I could see myself in that girl's position...rushing to work in public transport,eager to prove myself and come up in my career.
That the state is ruled by a charismatic woman leader does not seem to have enhanced the status of women there in any way.Really sad!

Somebody had even posted a photo of the murder in FB.Why is it taking so much time for the police to act?.

Every time such a crime happens,we analyze it and moan the non-existence of strict laws to punish such heinous crimes.How many more lives to be lost in this fashion?

By writing this post,I am doing what I can to show my protest.Request whoever reading this to also register your protest in whatever way you can.
Let justice be delivered.Let her soul rest in peace!

 RIP Swati!