A Graphical Love Story

Varun took out his graph sheet and pencil box.His maths teacher had asked him to draw perpendicular lines as part of his homework.

He took out his pencil,scale and eraser.He marked out the x-axis and y-axis co-ordinates clearly.
Each cell was marked in multiples of 5,starting with 0.He then set out to draw a straight horizontal line in exactly middle of the graph sheet.Varun named the line as AB.

AB was very happy.'Hey,I am the first line Varun has drawn.I am the most beautiful,perfect line in this world.Nobody can equal me',thought AB with pride.

Line AB had all the feminine grace and softness associated with beautiful lines.She was gentle,soft and attractive to look at.She was but a small girl in the big world of lines.On the maternal side,she traced her ancestry from the Equatorian latitude.AB was really proud of her ancestry.

Varun drew a straight vertical line right in the middle of the graph sheet,starting from the top.
Varun named the line as CD.CD was a strong and stubborn male.CD came hurling downwards towards the horizontal line below,with all his force.CD traced his ancestry to the Supreme Vertical line,the Prime Meridian.

AB saw what was coming.She valued her freedom and did not want any interaction with the aggressive CD.She was hoping that Varun would erase her soon from the graph sheet.But Varun did nothing of that sort.AB was just not prepared for CD's might and force.She started worrying about how to accommodate CD's inevitable association with her.

CD on his part always wanted to have his way.He realized that AB was down there and he had to cross her on his way to his destination.He considered AB nothing but a headache,something he can do without.But Varun had already drawn AB.He cannot escape crossing her,even if he desired otherwise.

So AB and CD met in the middle of the graph.

It was not a happy union though.They were perpendicular lines and each one was headed in a different direction.Their ideas were different,their outlook to life was different and their agenda was also not the same.Yet it was fate which made them cross each other's path.Sparks flew when AB met CD.They fought fiercely to occupy the middle of the graph sheet.

AB thought that she owned the middle of the graph,as Varun had drawn her first.The middle point was part of her line.She thought it was rightfully hers.CD knew that Varun had drawn him with a purpose.He had to touch the bottom most part of the graph sheet at any cost.In his goal to reach the bottom,AB was just a small hindrance,or so he thought.But AB proved to be much more than that.She was very ferocious in safeguarding the middle point.She thought CD was trying to take away what rightfully belonged to her.CD had a tough time negotiating with her.

Their fight ended in typical Bollywood style.In the course of their fight,AB found herself getting attracted to CD's handsomeness and his never-say-die spirit.CD also found himself getting drawn to AB's innocent smile and good nature.Both of them wanted to move away from the middle point of the graph,the place that had caused them untold misery and broken their hearts.They realized that they wanted to love each other,not hate each other.

But the realization came a little late.

By that time,Varun had extended CD down the graph sheet,away from the middle point.CD had to move on,away from AB.It broke AB's heart to watch CD go but she could do nothing about it.CD on his part,cherished his moments with AB,but could not stay in the middle point with AB all his life.He had to reach his destination.It was fate which brought them together and it was again fate that was pulling them apart.

They were perpendicular lines,who can meet at only one point in their life.Invariably,they had to move on,away from each other after that.The laws of Mathematical destiny do not allow the perpendicular lines to stay together.Nor do the laws allow the two lines to meet again.
And so ended a beautiful love story about two beautiful lines.


Written for Day4 of Half Marathon Blog Challenge of BlogChatter