It is too late now!


It was a hot sultry afternoon.The cavalcade of cars was moving at a fast speed on the dusty village road.The first and last vehicles in the convoy were occupied by black cat commandos and the rest by a political party activists.Narayan,a minister of the state legislature,was sitting in the middle car.He kept waving to his supporters standing on both the sides of the road,as the vehicle wound its way through the village.Pride swelled his heart as he waved to his supporters.His political career was safe as long as these foolish people were there to support him blindly.

All of a sudden,he clenched his heart and writhed in pain.It was  a massive heart attack.He was rushed to the hospital immediately.As he lay in the ICU,his past came haunting him.
Ah! He had seen a lot in his political career.He knew that this was not a profession for the weaklings.It was only tenacious people like him who could survive here.

Narayan's father had been a freedom fighter who joined politics after India's independence.Narayan was inducted into his father's political party after his father's death.Unlike his righteous father,Narayan turned out to be an unscrupulous politician.He used his power to usurp the land of many hapless people.He misused government machinery and money for his personal benefits many  a time.Nobody dared him as he was wily and ruthless.There were rumours that he had clandestine tie-ups with the underworld as well.Many industrial magnets in the state were considered his 'benamis'. It was not public life alone.He was dishonest in his personal life too. He had cheated on his wife and had a secret affair with another lady.Such things couldn't be hidden in the closet and soon the secret was out.But nobody dared point a finger at him.There was not even a single aspect of life where people could vouch for his honesty or sincerity.

If Narayan had a weak point,it was his sons.He loved both his sons dearly.Though he loved both of them equally,he could sense the animosity grow between them as time passed.As is the prevailing trend in Indian politics,his sons wanted to succeed their father as his political heir.And there started a battle royal between the two sons.It was so intense that Narayan feared that they would kill each other for power.

Soon his wife died and Narayan was left alone.By now,both his sons were married and had families of their own.Of course,they did look after him well but he knew that they were doing so only because he was a golden goose for them.It pained him to see the treacherous behaviour of his sons.

Interacting with his old political associates was what kept him going.There also he began to see cracks.His old mates disliked him projecting his sons,ignoring their hard work and loyalty.He was losing out there as well.

Now,lying in the ICU bed,he thought about all the past misdeeds he had done.The innocent people whose property he had usurped,the women he had raped,the people who had suffered hardship because of  his misuse of power,the mafia dons whom he had befriended,his wife on whom he had was a very big list.

Can he mend anything now?
'It is too late now',he realized.
Death beckoned him.

His past Karma finally caught hold of him.He could see the images of all the people he had wronged.One by one,they came and led him into the pitch darkness of Hell.


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 Diclaimer-This is purely a fictional story and any resemblance to any person,living or dead,is purely coincidental.