Real Life Superheroes

Do superheroes exist in real life?
For some,their favourite movie stars or sports stars are the superheroes.
For many,their parents or dear ones are the superheroes and rightfully so.It is our parents and dearies who do a lot of sacrifice for us and enable us to live our lives.They are the ones who solve our problems and make our lives easier.Definitely,they are our superheros.

We just have to look around to find the other superheroes we come across everyday in real life.

There are times when I hire an auto rickshaw to commute to my workplace.Usually,the traffic is very high and I can see a long line of cars parked in front of me.The auto drivers seem to know how to jump the queue of cars and bring the auto to the front.Whatever be the density of the traffic and whatever be the road condition,they know exactly how to circumvent it.Sometimes,a big vehicle comes in the opposite direction when the auto is breaking the line and moving forward in the available space.Even then,the auto guys manage to park their vehicle to a side,in the minimal space that is available.I really wonder at their skill in negotiating the traffic.They cut at least ten to fifteen minutes of waiting time by doing this.These auto drivers are the driving superheroes.

Then the traffic policeman.They keep standing in the middle of the road with vehicles honking at them in every possible direction.Rain or shine,they stand their steadfastly,doing their duty.Imagine the physical endurance they have to undergo.Added to that,the rude motorists,hurling abuses as they make their way in the traffic.That adds a lot of mental tension.Putting up with all this is a real feat.The traffic police are the city's superheroes.

Then my maid.She works in seven flats in our apartment.One day she doesn't turn up,she has the whole apartment searching for her.Such is her demand.Doing all the household chores everyday itself is so tiring.Imagine doing this for your house as well as seven employers' houses.No ordinary task this!. My maid is the cleaning superhero(ine).

Thinking of all this,it dawned on me that each and every person in this world has to cross a lot of hurdles,take up many responsibilities,fight against all odds to provide for themselves and their families.In their aim to lead a normal life,they have to tackle corruption,red-tape,bad roads,power-cuts,water shortage and what not.Not only the civic amenities and infrastructure.People also have to deal with irate bosses,unsupportive colleagues,heart-breaks,mounting inflation,irritating family members,friends and what not.Last but not the least,you have to confront your own demons of insecurity,guilt and low self-esteem to push your way forward.
Life is not a bed of roses.We all have to do all this and much more to stay sane and survive.
Each and every person who fights against the odds in life is a superhero/super heroine.