Safai Karamchari Day

Ever since the Prime Minister of India launched the 'Swach Bharat Campaign',there has been a considerable emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene initiatives in India.

And for this Campaign to succeed,we have to empower the foot soldiers of cleanliness initiatives-the Safai Karamcharis.The Safai Karamcharis have long been at the receiving end -getting no access to hygienic equipments or safe ways of working.

By saying Safai Karamcharis,I do not mean only manual scavengers.Even rag-pickers and the corporation garbage clearing staff can be called Safai Karamcharis.In short,anyone engaged in cleaning activities is a Safai Karamchari.

Recently,the government had announced lot of bonanza for the cleaning staff.Financial rewards and welfare measures are only one part of the solution.They need more for their welfare.Regularization of working hours and wages is definitely a welcome step.But we do need to do more.

First the working conditions should be made more hygienic.Safer equipments for cleaning and removing garbage,personal hygiene products and attire for the cleaners -all this will go a long way in ensuring better life for the Safai Karamcharis.This in turn will result in cleaner cities and better living conditions for all of us.

Towards this,I would suggest we also have a 'Safai Karamchari Day', to draw attention to their plight and also to highlight their contribution in keeping our cities clean.

What better way to lend an impetus to Swach Bharat Campaign than to celebrate the people who help to make it happen.Observing one day in a year as 'Safai Karamchari Diwas' will surely give a boost to the Swach Bharat Campaign  and lead to a cleaner and better India


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