The Lost Child

It was 10 am.The city center was bustling with activity.One by one,the shops were opening their shutters.The city center housed a newly opened commercial complex,mostly filled with garment shops.

Seema had already reached the city center.She worked in one of the garments shops there.It was her duty to open the shop every morning.Her employer trusted her with the keys.

It was nothing different today.Seema had already started arranging the garments,when a lady walked in,accompanied by a little girl.
'Yes Ma'am',How can I help you?',asked Seema.
'I am looking for a frock for my daughter.I saw the display frocks on your shop window.I liked the white one a lot.Can you show that to me?', asked the lady.

'Sure Ma'am',replied Seema.
She proceeded to pull out a similar white frock from the shelf and showed it to the lady.
The frock was really very beautiful with a rose embroidered on it's top.
The mother and daughter immediately liked it.

Seema couldn't help thinking how good the dress will look on the pretty girl.The girl was chubby, dimple-chinned and very pretty to look at.Seema packed the dress for them and asked them to pay at the cash counter.She then proceeded to attend to the next customer.As she was discussing with her new customer,she heard some commotion near the front door.Seema turned to see what it was.

The little girl had gone missing.

Her mother was literally in tears.Seema was shocked.How could this be?It was hardly a couple of minutes since she had packed the dress.Seema and the shop owner consoled the mother.They started searching for the missing child.They checked everywhere-nearby shops,entrance to the complex..but the little girl was not to be seen.Now even Seema started to worry.

With a heavy heart,she came back to the shop to service her next customer.It was then that she saw some movement near the trial room.She went near and there..the little girl was sleeping inside.
Her hand was clutching the white dress they had bought sometime back.Perhaps she had come there to check the dress on herself in the mirror and slept in the meantime.

Seema immediately informed the mother and the shop owner.The girl's mother was relieved to see her daughter back and couldn't thank Seema enough.The little girl woke up on hearing her mother's voice and clung on to her mother tightly.

Seema was happy to see the child reunited with her mother. After all,she knew the pain of being separated from her mother.Her family had forcibly separated her from her mother and thrown her out of the house when she was barely 11.How much she had pined for her mother at that time!. She had to endure a life of hardship,pain and shame till she met the kind shop-owner.Now she had a job and had dreams for the future too.
But still she couldn't get back to her family and her mother.Nor did she have any hope of getting a family for herself.That made her appreciate the love of a  mother even more.It was partly nature's fault.

Seema was a transgender.


Written for Day 7 of Write Tribe Festival of Words # 5


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