The Metamorphosis

Arjun,a 10 year old,was the shyest boy in the class.He hardly talked to anyone.His classmates mocked him and made fun of him at the slightest opportunity.He was so timid and shy that he just did not have the guts to oppose them.Arjun's bravery was only in his name.He came nowhere close to the mighty warrior.He sometimes wondered why his mother named him as Arjun.

Everyday,he would go home and cry to his mother.His mother was the only source of support he had.He had lost his father when he was barely three.His mother worked as an agent in a travel company near his home.With no big property to call their own,they had to manage on his mother's meager income.
The world is a bad place.It pushes down and tramples the meek and the innocent.Arjun was no exception.Most of the days,he was subjected to bullying and taunting.The only respite he had was that he was the topper in his class.He excelled in academics and sports.But still his shyness was a constant companion.He could not bring himself to stand before people and speak.

To wean himself away from bullying,he started concentrating in his studies more and more.He shut himself away from his classmates and seeked the solitude of books.Naturally,he became the pet of his teachers.They saw what a brilliant boy he was and took him under their wings.

Soon,Arjun's wings also grew.He dreamt of achieving something in life.His books were his companions.He read voraciously and played hard.Slowly,his classmates began to look up at him with awe.One by one,they came and made friends with him.They started consulting him for their studies.His popularity increased.Those who mocked at him earlier wanted to be his friends now.

It was the last year of school.Arjun topped the board exams and secured a place in a prestigious college.Years rolled by.Numerous preparations for job interviews and group discussions had taken the shyness out of him.He was as confident as anybody could be.His childhood experience of overcoming fear,shyness and self-doubt had made him a stronger person.He knew that when something or somebody pushes you down,the only way is to counter them with your conviction bravely.
The once-shy guy had developed his oratory skills and self-confidence so much that people feared speaking anything against him.He took up journalism as a career and soon was the top-most journalist in the country.His debates on national television were the talk of the town.Politicians and big shots feared him.His colleagues looked at him with awe.His competitors loathed his popularity.

He was ruling the show.Literally.

Looking at him thunder on the telly,Arjun's childhood friend wondered,'Where is the Arjun I know?Thy shy,innocent guy who did not know even to rise his voice?'.

Perhaps,Arjun had learnt at an young age that the only way to survive is to fight it out.Else you will be pushed down mercilessly.That had ignited a spark which had erupted into a major fire.A fire that was not going to die down that easily.


Written for Day 10 of BlogChatter HalfMarathon.

Disclaimer-It is strictly a fiction story and any resemblance to anybody,living or dead,is purely coincidental.