We all have our fears.Fears about the unknown.Fear keeps us from achieving what we are capable of.
The fear of failure stops us from taking risks in our lives.

Why do we Fear? 

Those who are fearless achieve what they want.Those who fear make no attempt to achieve,mainly because they are afraid of what will happen if they fail.This fear does not help them improve at all.
Fear arises from a feeling of insecurity and low self-esteem.Past experiences of failure and bitterness contribute in instigating the fear mentality.The experiences maybe self experiences or the experiences of someone we know.

What does Fear Lead To?

Fear leads to anxiety and lower concentration.Over-anxiety makes us lose sight of the goal and concentrate on all the frivolous negative things.We start concentrating the hurdles than on the goals because of fear.Fear makes us lose motivation.Extreme fear can affect even the mental and physical well-being.Ultimately,fear is the recipe for a person to go downhill.

How to overcome Fear?

Concentrate only on the ultimate goal and not on the obstacles.Thinking too much about the obstacles instills fear in the mind.Positive thinking is the only way to overcome fear.Whenever any defeating tendencies crowd your mind,divert your thoughts and focus on all the positives.Strength of a person lies in his mind and not in his body.A healthy,positive mind can train itself to deflect away from fear-arousing tendencies.

Practical Ways to Overcome Fear

So  let us keep all this in mind and drive out fear and face our lives with confidence.

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