Navrathri Golu Dolls Restoration

From today,I am going to introduce you to some women entrepreneurs from different backgrounds.

Here is the first one in the series.

How many of you have old,broken golu dolls at home? Many of us have.Most of them belong to our grandmothers' and we dont want to lose them at any cost.Whom to approach to restore them to their original glory?

Meet Subhashree Kaarthik Vijay,the lady with the magic touch to restore the old golu dolls in your house.

Brief Intro about Subhashree
 Subhashree's restoration work has also been featured in 'THE HINDU'
A photo essay has also been done on her restoration work-Queens of Restoration
Here is an interview with her on behalf of MyriadFlavours. 

What was the motivation for you to take this up?

Since I was a child we used to have Golu at our place. It was a huge affair and everyone in the family participated to get the event going. We have lovely old dolls collected by my paati (grand mom) and some need lil make over. When we pack them and store them sometimes the dolls are damaged and thats when we need the make over. So this used to happen each time the dolls came down from the attic. One day my aunt Lakshmi's friend Mrs. Soundara Rani, a columnist asked if she knew someone who restores dolls and she said we do it ourselves and thats when this started professionally. Since I have a knowledge about the materials and handling I started repainting and restoring the dolls and my aunt and mom started assisting me, then they have grown to do it themselves.

Tell us about your doll painting process
Any doll , irrespective of its size takes a minimum of 5 to 6 hours. But badly damaged ones take as long as a day or more. We use water proof paints and various adhesives and materials to complete the doll owing to its state.
Do you also repair broken dolls?

Yeah... we mend everything but broken hearts ... hahahaha... yeah we do. 

Introduce us to your team

We are a team of three... Mrs. Jayashree Karthik, my mom, does all the repair work. Mrs. Lakshmi Rajaram, my aunt paints with me. I do everything and monitor the quality and finishes for the dolls restored by the team. 

Subhashree' Team At Work:

What about the charges 
Well that depends on the time we would have to invest in that doll, the colours used, the detailing involved. Sometimes i recommend our clients to buy new ones as restoration is definitely more expensive. But people do it for sentimental values and for the sheer joy of possessing a old and artistically made doll.

Do you accept out-station and overseas orders?

Well so far we haven't  had any and I am not sure how a restored doll would reach if shipped. so I really cant say...

Tell us about your other interests
Well I love photography, music and travel.

Sample of Subhashree's work 

To restore your golu dolls,contact :

Subhashree Kaarthik Vijay

Ph- 9176915725



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