The Coffee Mug

Shilpa was about to change jobs after a long term at her old organization.She had joined there as a fresher right out of college via a campus interview and had spent almost a decade in the company in a variety of roles.It was a sad decision to leave the company.But no other go.Her husband was moving to another city for his career change and her old company did not have an office there.

She was packing all the stuff at home.It was then that she realized that she was having at least fifteen coffee mugs with her.They were there in all sizes and colours,with different designs and logos.None of them were bought by her.All were gifts.

She had been excited when she first got her coffee mug gift.It was from her first manager.As appreciation of her contribution,her manager had gifted her a mug.As a fresher getting an appreciation,Shilpa was very excited about the mug.She took it everywhere she went and proudly displayed it to friends and family,always boasting about it.She made it a point to drink coffee only from it,discarding the steel tumblers at home.

Shilpa didn't realize at that time,that her tryst with the coffee mug was just beginning.Slowly,she started getting coffee mugs from everywhere.

From her peers whenever she switched projects,from her bosses as appreciation,even from conferences she attended.Once even a shopping portal offered her a coffee mug as a free gift.Her childrens' school sent a coffee mug as token gift for Parents' Day.Her husband gifted her a coffee mug on her last birthday,assuming it to be a 'romantic gift'. Even her brother had gifted her a coffee mug when he got his first salary.She had had enough of it.

How many mugs for drinking one coffee? .She didn't have the heart to throw them out also.Each mug held a memory.She hoped that she didn't get any more coffee mugs as gift.

Meanwhile,Shilpa's colleagues were busy finalizing
a farewell gift for her.Lots of options were discussed.Handbags,cosmetics,household items,watches.At last,Shilpa's colleagues decided that the safest choice of gift was....


No prizes for guessing it!


'A Coffee Mug'


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