Book Review-Confused Bastards

Book Title-Confused Bastards
Author- Manav Vigg
Publisher- Srishti Publishers
ISBN- 978-93-82665-77-9
Available Online on Amazon

About the Book:

Don't judge the book by its title. The story is about three young entrepreneurs and their struggles.Their confusion as to what to do with their lives,both professionally and personally,lends the story its title-'Confused Bastards'.

What motivated me to take up this book review is that it is a start-up story.Made me feel like I was reading the real-life account of the entrepreneurs.It is a fast- paced story, with unexpected twists and turns.

About the Author:

Manav Vigg is a chartered accountant,screenwriter and novelist.He has worked with large corporate companies and walks the tight rope of being a creative writer and a workaholic at the same time.He likes to live in a world where there's freedom of expression.No doubt,his characters stand out.
You can find that in 'Confused Bastards' too.

The Plot:

The story is about three entrepreneurs who create a platform for people to upload videos voicing there grievances. The video sharing platform becomes a hit with the public. The growing process is not without pains. Soon the trio discover that their growth story has also ruined a few lives. The three friends set out on a path of self-discovery, aided by Sattu, their investor and guide. How they go about reclaiming their company as well as their personal lives in this process forms the rest of the story.

The author describes the personalities of the three main characters- Vivek, Jai and Akash in a very engaging manner. Another interesting personality is Sattu,the well-meaning investor,who loves reading comic books in the middle of meetings.The romantic angle of the story is the relationship between Jai and Sneha- we have a sweet love story here.In the initial part of the story,Jai's problems with his mean boss and his friendship with Sheena,his co-worker,gives a peek into present-day office relationships and politics.

How Vivek,Jai and Akash initially bond together as friends and later as co-founders of a start-up makes an interesting read. The struggles they undergo in the initial stages of their startup gives an insight into the startup culture in India.The circumstances which lead to the shutting down of their company and their subsequent arrest, is a telling commentary on the social and political situation in our country. Kudos to the author for bringing out the travails of entrepreneurship in India. On the whole, a good read, especially for those, who are interested in entrepreneurship and start-ups.

Rating- 4/5