Painting the Blogosphere-Faster,Cleaner and Better

On Nov 10th 2016,Berger Paints sprayed its hues across the Bangalore Blogosphere.It was the prestigious Indibloggers Meet at the Lalit Ashok in Bangalore.
As a blogger looking forward to my first blogging anniversary,this was my first Indiblogger meet.I hadn't expected so much fun in half-a-day of a lazy Saturday! First of all,A Big Thank-you to Berger Paints and the awesome folks at Indiblogger for organizing this.

Meeting fellow bloggers and getting to know the persons behind those magic words was obviously the main intent of the meet.The ice-breaking sessions were entertaining enough,to say the least.


The first priority was to get all the bloggers into the right mindset at a quick speed.

Rightly so,the meet started with satisfying the stomach first.Perhaps the people who organized the schedule took inspiration from Motu's dialog in Motu-Patlu series-'Kaali pet main meri dimaag ki batti nahin jalti'. By filling our stomachs,the organizers ensured that our 'Dimaag ki Batti' burnt bright through out the session.

Balloon Bursting-(taken from Indibloggers FB page)

The events started post-lunch.To reactivate us from our post-lunch sleepiness, Karthik made us do some martial arts moves.A nice warm-up activity to get us into the right frame of mind and body.
This was followed by another activity to recharge us-A balloon-bursting activity-nah,not your own balloons-we needed to stomp on others' balloons.Once that was over, we were recharged enough to participate actively in the day's events.

These activities were good enough to get us bond together,Faster.


It was necessary that we have a clear idea about the sponsors of the event and the purpose of the meet.

Berger Paints is the second biggest company in home-painting in India,with a countrywide distribution network of 25000+ dealers.Berger Paints has a lot of innovative solutions for home painting needs.

Chandranath Bannerjee from Berger Paints India, gave us a brief about the Express Painting services from Berger.Thankfully,he did not run us through boring slides and instead gave an interesting and informative talk on Berger's 'Faster,Cleaner,Better' painting.The session with Chandranath was very interactive.For most of us,painting a house is a big headache,what with the shifting and cleaning to be done,not to mention the dust and mess that the ordinary painting process creates.So it was a relief to hear that 'Faster,Cleaner and Better' options were available to ease the painting process.

Chandranath explained how the process can be initiated by simply sending an SMS XP to 56767.From then on,the customer service representative assigned to you from Berger Paints will assist you in your painting process-right from advising you about the shades that can be chosen.
Berger XP is hassle-free painting using mechanized painting and done by trained personnel.Express Painting(XP) is

Berger Express Painting uses special tools  for mess-free,dust-free painting

At the end of the discussion,our understanding about the Berger XP process had become Clearer(Cleaner).


To make the experience better,we were made to do some more fun activities related to painting.

Painting involves scrubbing the wall first to make it smooth.The actual painting work is done only after that.So we were made to take part in two activities-scrubbing a surface and then painting a canvas.We were grouped into teams for these two activities.
Scrubbing was real fun! We wore masks,headgear and gloves to avoid getting affected by the dust.Wearing all these stuff,made us look like surgeons at the operation table! Scrub,scrub,scrub-our hands went Slush,slush,slush! There! We managed to get a smooth surface soon.

Then,we were then shown how to mix paints and use them.We were canvas,paints and brushes to paint.We chose the theme of ‘Social Causes-Environment’. Our team came up with a commendable art-piece with a nice message.We ended runners-up and got a gift voucher each!

The day was really getting Better and Better!

The event was fast-paced,just like the sponsors' tagline-'Painting ka T20'. Never realized the event was over so soon.We winded up for the day by posing for a group photo.It was so nice to see a room full of colourful bloggers posing for an event organized by a company reputed for colourful paints.Without a doubt, connecting with fellow bloggers in an entertaining and informative environment has enthused us to blog Faster,Cleaner and Better.

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